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    Floor Size

    • Under 100 sqft

      Yes, we encourage you to sample FLOR so you can see the colors, textures, and patterns in person. FLOR samples are available in 6″ x 6″ square tiles. Samples are priced US $2.00 each. So, if you ordered 3 samples, the cost would be US $6.00; 6 samples would cost US $12.00. To order, shop Area Rugs and Carpet Tiles or call Customer Care at 866.952.4093. Samples generally arrive within 7 to 10 business days.

    • 100-200 sqft

      FLOR is engineered with structural integrity to “hug” the floor. Plus, the easy-to-use, non-toxic FLORdots that come with every order are designed to stick to the underside of each tile and not to the floor beneath. Using FLORdots secures the tiles to one another so there’s no curling, gapping, or slippage. Your design will stay put until you decide to change or replace it.

    • 200-300 sqft
    • Larger than 300 sqft
    • Larger than 300 sqft

    Driveways & floors

    • Second or higher floor
    • Pressure treated lumber
    • Ground level / first floor
    • Build or replace a deck
    • Repair an existing deck

    Concrete Brick & Stone

    • Build or replace deck or porch

      Build or replace deck or porch Build or replace deck or porchBuild or replace deck or porch Build or replace deck

    • Driveways & floors
    • Patios, walks & steps
    • Chimney, fireplace, stove & barbecue
    • Foundations
    • Brick, stone or stucco siding
    • Ceramic, porcelain & stone tile
    • Walls
    • Waterproofing & drywells

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